What is the difference between DHL Ecommerce and DHL Express

DHL Express Ecommerce

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What is the Difference Between DHL Ecommerce and DHL Express?

“DHL is popular for its efficient and well-organized delivery service. It is well-known globally, satisfying millions of customers as well as several giant clients in e-commerce. DHL eCommerce and DHL Express are different services offered by DHL but often confused, so what are the differences?”

DHL is a global logistics company with a very recognizable brand. The company has diverse subsidiaries for various business lines. DHL offers a variety of services to fit in the flexible demands of its customers. Amongst them are DHL Ecommerce (formerly called DHL Global Mail) and DHL express. They are both popular services but serve as two separate brands and entities owned by the same parent company, Deutsche Post DHL Group.

At times there is much confusion when it comes to picking between these two services. So, if you decide to employ the services of DHL as your favored shipping partner, there are certain services you need to consider and know their differences.

To start, you need to choose the one that fits your business.

International Shipping

In 2014 DHL rebranded DHL Global Mail to DHL eCommerce. With this, it also led to the introduction of several services and solutions for other innovative marketplaces. Such industries include consumer electronics, fashion, media products, and more.

The rebranding signified DHL’s focus on eCommerce industries particularly in emerging markets. Their recognition of a growing eCommerce industry and the need for economical B2C solutions. Essentially DHL eCommerce would utilize the global postal network and be able to offer economical rates for international shipping.

Domestic and occasional overseas shipping

DHL eCommerce offers a great option for such shipping as it features a robust local route which they often partner with local postal services or international shipping option. With DHL eCommerce, you would be able to reap the best benefits and attain cost-effective results.

DHL Express as most shippers would know offers a quick international shipping option. With its other added features, you get guaranteed shipment delivery within a specified time frame. Once in partnership with DHL Express, you may be offered reasonable discounts on bulk shipments.


If you are a new or experienced business owner looking to expand with the use of third-party delivery services, you may become confused in selecting a courier brand to fulfill your shipping demands. As always, there are always certain international lanes that DHL will be stronger at and others where they are weaker. You need to test this yourself and make sure you know of the possible issues that arise with the different services.

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