March 2019 Global Postal Delays

Are your postal packages being delayed or stuck?

You may find your answer in the below table.

Here is our March 2019 update courtesy of DHL Ecommerce.


United States

United States –Roads closed following two tornadoes
Media sources indicate on March 4 that several roads have been closed following the landing of two tornadoes in Eastern Alabama in the United States. Widespread power outages and infrastructure damages were reported, with portions of the AL-51 and I-185 being closed.

United States

United States –Airport operations disrupted due to heavy snow
On March 4, local media sources reported that heavy snowfall has affected airport operations at Boston Logan International Airport in Massachusetts, United States. Several flights were cancelled or delayed due to the closure of multiple runways. No timeline as to when the situation would normalize has immediately been provided.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom –Storm Freya impacts road traffic
On March 4, local media sources indicate that flooding caused by storm Freya has affected road traffic in the United Kingdom, particularly in Wales, South West, West Midlands and North West regions. Flooding and power outages have led to the closure of sections of the M4 and A465 motorways.


France– Postal operations disrupted
On March 4, La Poste indicated that it has been experiencing events transmitted issues with inbound and outbound dispatches. No timeline as to when the operations would resume was provided.
France–Postal operations resume following IT issues
On March 6, La Poste reported that postal operations have resumed following IT issues. Transmission for inbound and outbound dispatches has been back to normal.


France– Strike likely to impact airport operations
Local media sources report on March 5 that air traffic control (ATC) workers together with multiple labor unions plan to embark on a strike on March 22 across France. The strike is likely to have an impact on airport operations across the country.


Eurotunnel, France –Strike affects ground transportation
On March 5, reports indicated that a strike by the French customs workers at the Eurotunnel had affected outbound traffic heading to the United Kingdom. The strike is expected to continue to impact truck movements and customs operations until March 6.
Eurotunnel, France –Strike action further affects truck traffic
Updated local media sources indicate that a strike by the French customs workers continues and further affects truck traffic through the Eurotunnel and the Calais area. Around 7,000 trucks are expected to be impacted by the strike on March 7.


Netherlands –Strong winds affect airport operations
On March 4, local media sources report that strong winds have been affecting airport operations at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. Several flights were cancelled or delayed. According to forecasts, the strong wind is likely to weaken throughout the day.


Netherlands –IT issues affect postal operations
PostNL reported that since March 4 at 19:00 local time, it has been experiencing IT issues that affected postal operations at both Airmail Unit Schiphol (CAS) and Office of Exchange Amsterdam (IMEC) in the Netherlands. The disruption is affecting international truck transports and international flights. No timeline as to when the operations would resume was provided.
Netherlands –Postal operations back to normal
On March 6, PostNL indicated that postal operations have resumed in the evening of March 5 following disruption caused by IT issues.

Saudi Arabia

Surface mail services to Saudi Arabia temporarily suspended
Hongkong Post announced today (March 5) that, as advised by the postal administration of Saudi Arabia, due to a port customs clearance issue, mail acceptance has ceased. All surface mail services (including letter post items and parcels) to Saudi Arabia are suspended with immediate effect until further notice.


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