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We are creating an ecosystem for retailers to move products seamlessly from factories to the end customer without the logistical complexity.
Today in the world of ecommerce, there are multiple sources of information. Products are lost in transit, lost at the warehouse, and at times, it never reaches the customer. At every step of the way the ecommerce merchant must handle the issues manually and find the source of the problem. The logistical network is still in the stone age, handled with paper, spreadsheets and phone calls.


ZhenHub is lighting this industry up. We want to assist this internet age of ecommerce entrepreneurs with all their logistical needs. Our goal is for products to ‘magically’ appear at the customer’s doorstep straight from the factory, but also provide a visual map of exactly where items are at any point in time.

Work hard, play hard isn’t just a saying at ZhenHub. We live it.

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· Innovative and Proactive Growth Hackers
· Service Focused Account Managers
· Detail Oriented Operations Staff

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